Our clients notify us of their survey requirements and we coordinate all efforts needed to secure the surveys regardless of the number of sites involved in their transaction. With this information, we gather proposals from licensed surveyors that are affiliated with us. At our client’s request, we engage the surveyor that best suits cost and time frame needs.
By providing a single point of contact. We’ve eliminated the client task of tracking down local surveyors or other service providers. By offering simplified communications. We’re skilled at working with all parties involved in the transaction. We work with the buyer, seller, title company, lender, all legal counsel and several surveyors to better communicate all survey issues. By utilizing a standardized survey format. Our survey format goes beyond the general ALTA/NSPS requirements. All surveys, regardless of geographical area, share a common format for easier interpretation and review. Our format also folds to 8.5" x 11" for easy file storage with the "legal description" and "surveyors certification" clearly displayed to reduce space requirements as well as providing quick reference. See survey link » By passing along cost savings, due to our volume and relationships with service providers across the country, we’re assured of getting the lowest price discounts available.
No. Although we specialize in multi-site, multi-state portfolio transactions, many of our clients utilize our services for single-site transactions as well. Because of the advantages listed above, many single-site clients find our services to be beneficial. By utilizing our service, these clients can focus on their core service responsibilities.
Our service providers cover all 50 states, Canada and PR. We conduct business from our office in Bonita Springs, FL.
We usually can begin a project with site names and addresses. For complex sites, we’ll probably need a legal description.
We incorporate the basic ALTA/NSPS standard requirements plus any optional items that clients may insist on.
We add our fee, based on our estimated time commitment, to the fee of the local surveyor. Our client knows a “not to exceed” cost before engaging us. That fee only changes if the scope of work in the project changes.
Responsiveness and experience. Our staff has handled thousands of projects of all sizes and property types over the past twenty years. We're always available when you need us and will go further than any other company to solve elevated issues.

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American National was created in response to the growing need for Speed, Accuracy, and Assured Deliverability in the commercial real estate due diligence industry. As a direct result of over 20 years of experience in both commercial due diligence and process and efficiency management, American National is redefining the level of service, reliability, and trust that our clients have found when ordering and working with our commercial due diligence services.

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