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American National has streamlined the process of managing and procuring commercial real estate due diligence on single and multi-site transactions through the continued refinement of our internal processes and technology. Our specialized internal management system, Due Diligence Management 365, custom created for managing single site and large multi-site portfolio transactions, stands as the nucleus for overall project management. By managing and tracking timeframes, schedules, document deliveries, as well as status of missing or late documents, American National can offer a greater level of visibility and urgency management over conventional due diligence methods. We often eliminate potential problems or delays through preemption by providing real-time project reporting of missing documents, schedule changes, and overall project status which helps alleviate many of the conventional due diligence stresses associated with single and multi-site real estate closings.


Due Diligence Management 365 stands as the nucleus to each and every one of our commercial transactions. Developed and continually updated and expanded by American National utilizing the latest technologies, Due Diligence Management 365 offers our clients a leap in service and project status control over conventional methods. Due Diligence Management 365 is used internally by the staff at American National to manage, track, report and update every level of your transaction pertaining to ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys and other due diligence. This allows our clients to concentrate on the other aspects of their transaction while our expertise and experience is relied upon to eliminate many of the stresses associated with large portfolio deals. And because Due Diligence Management 365 is used internally by the project teams at American National there is no need for you or your clients to have to install or learn new productivity software. Due Diligence Management 365 is fully compatible with many of the industry standard document management systems currently being used by the marketplace. With Adobe PDF output, full Microsoft Office compatibility, as well as integration with many of the most broadly utilized Internet technologies, we’ve provided efficiencies which go beyond spreadsheet management and basic database tracking. For more detailed information regarding our internal technologies or for a demonstration please click here to contact our Corporate Headquarters.

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American National was created in response to the growing need for Speed, Accuracy, and Assured Deliverability in the commercial real estate due diligence industry. As a direct result of over 20 years of experience in both commercial due diligence and process and efficiency management, American National is redefining the level of service, reliability, and trust that our clients have found when ordering and working with our commercial due diligence services.

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